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March 29th, 2014

01:04 pm - About this Journal [sticky post]
I've decided to change my settings to all friends only. I've posted mainly friends only the past couple of months anyway, but still had a lot of older entries in public. They've all been switched to friends only now, since I feel more comfortable that way because all I've been getting as comments on those public entries lately was spam anyway. If you think we have some things in common or you would like to add me, just leave me a message here!

I've also removed quite a lot of inactive journals. Some of them from people I've been very close to in the past, others from people who're still friends with me on Facebook but who haven't updated their LJ for years. In case you're one of those people and plan to come back to LJ, just drop me a message and we can add each other again :-) I just don't see much use in keeping a lot of inactive journals on my friendslist from people I think won't use LJ again in the future.

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September 1st, 2016

12:48 am
Yesterday and today were somewhat unsatisfactory. It all started with my interpreting class yesterday morning where once again some students didn't interprete until the end and then complained that it was too fast and too difficult. Ugh. I have had this same video for a few years and passed it in class several times already, and only the last two generations students literally complain about anything.

Then there were some more minor things at work, for example one of the German exchange students who came to my office to tell me that after having been here for four weeks only she's already leaving again, mainly because she finds it so expensive here. I guess some people don't do a lot of research before coming here, and instead think that since it's South America, things will be cheap. This student told me she's spending more money here than in Germany (and obviously also complained about the cold - like I said before, Chilean winters are extremely hard for Germans, and it's not even THAT cold anymore now). Well, Chile is NOT cheap, a lot of things are more expensive here than in Germany.

Having that conversation frustrated me a bit, because it adds to the not so good experiences with German exchange students we've had lately. For example this one girl who came back for her third semester here and is already asking around whether she can just have two exams instead of the three that are marked in the syllabus for the courses she wants to take. How about no?! You register here as a student, you have to take the courses as they are. It also seems the Chilean students don't like her very much, because they asked me when she would be back (she arrived this week) and then pulled faces when I told them. And the other German student who already left actually wrote us an email because she wasn't content with her grade, begging us to reconsider. I suppose she's pissed now, because we answered her that sadly, her interpretation wasn't good enough for a passing grade... I mean it really was rather bad and if we had changed her grade to a passing grade just because she begged, what kind of image would we give??? Sometimes these people think only because they're abroad they can do stuff they'd never do at home. I only IMAGINE them going to the German professors and asking for a better grade... they would throw a fit and kick them out of their offices! (I know them all and they absolutely accept no bullshit at all).

So, that was yesterday and today I had planned to leave early and go to the gym. Only that when I was about to leave I realized my memory stick didn't work anymore. At first it did show all the files on it, but then suddenly it told me to "format the device in order to use it" (which of course I did NOT do). Needless to say I freaked out and called our IT guy immediately. He said he'd check it right away, but time passed, it got later and later, until it was already after 7pm and I decided to go home after all. If I had known he wouldn't manage to finish this I'd have left immediately, because I really didn't get much done without my memory stick! I just hope the files can be recovered, it was 30 GB of files. Most of them I do have backed up, either on my old memory stick or on my computer (it's 30 GB because of all the videos for the interpreting classes, which I have a copy of on my work computer). But still. It will take time to find out which are the files I DON'T have backed up. Probably the odd file here or there I will only realize is missing when I need it. Ugh. But for now I'm not holding my breath, I simply assume all will be lost.

And then when I stepped out of the building, it had just started to rain and of course I didn't have an umbrella! BUT There was a very beautiful rainbow right over the campus, so I took

Some picturesCollapse )

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August 8th, 2015

02:05 am
Wow, there's a student who has exactly my interests - studies Translation and wants to register complementary courses like "Introduction to Chemistry", "Physics 101" and "Etching". I didn't think there was someone else here studying languages who also loves chemistry, physics and arts all at once :-D I'm going to remember the name. Usually students go for the easy way and choose Italian as complementary course...

I finished reading "Prince of Thorns" and it really was a very quick read. I spent very little time reading this book (basically finished it in three sittings) and I did like it, but I realized why I generally prefer longer, more complex books. Often when I read those short books I think I would have loved to read more descriptions about that universe, learn more about their history. Because especially in this book, from the start I thought that the history of that universe was fascinating, given that the map at the beginning of the book resembled France and the protagonist read Plutarch and Aristotle and other well-know authors, but lived in a Medieval-like world that was clearly not OUR Middle Ages. I'm definitely going to read the follow-ups. Hopefully we'll learn more about this!

Now I'm not sure what to read next. There's a book I ordered from the US ages ago that seems to be lost. I'm rather upset about this because it's a book that's really hard to get. Amazon.com doesn't have it, nor bookdepository. And I also ordered "Words of Radiance" (which I'm dying to read!!!) and the last book in the "Memory, Sorrow, Thorn" trilogy which both haven't arrived yet. And let's not forget that in 3 days Robin Hobb's next instalment in the "Fitz and the Fool" trilogy comes out and I will obviously order it, though I suppose it will take the usual 4-6 weeks to get here. So I need something to read in the meantime. I fear I'm going to start yet another new series - I have a couple to choose from here!

Oh and it started to rain again. I guess half a day without rain was too long. Of course I washed all my clothes today and who knows when they'll dry now.
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March 17th, 2014

09:20 pm - Massive friends cut ahead
Well, I've come to realize that maybe half of the journals on my friendslist aren't active anymore, so I'm giving a heads up that I'm going to remove everyone who hasn't posted anything in years. Some people have said they would come back but their last posts are from around 2008, so I think it's safe to say they've definitely left LJ and since I write very personal things here I prefer to keep it to journals that are actually active. I'm also removing a few people who according to their profile have updated something the past year but I can't see anything so I don't really see the sense in staying on each other's friendslists.

AND: I'm going to remove a lot of people I'm friends with on Facebook and people I really miss here, but like I said, after so many years have passed without them posting anything, I think they left LJ for good and we have other means of staying in contact. If you're one of those people and are coming back to LJ; just let me know and we can add each other again :-)

By the way nobody who's posted anything the past months or has even exchanged one comment with me during that time is going to be removed. I'm only talking about journals that have been inactive for YEARS.

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